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yNOTplay BRICK Club was established in 2018.  Recognised of the Brick-By-Brick® Programme facilitators intervene using social skills by building blocks in a fun and joyful environment.  Our objective is to strengthen social communication skills of the children during their development particularly in seven major areas:

BRICK Club helps to strengthen in seven major areas:

  • Verbal & Non-verbal communication

  • Shared attention

  • Task focus

  • Turn-taking & sharing

  • Compromise

  • Collaborative problem-solving

  • Joint creativity

Who is suitable to join the BRICK Club?

  • Any child who likes BRICKS and wish to develop and strengthen their social and communication skills

  • Children will be recommended to join a more appropriate group according to the initial assessment: 1) social skills foundation group 1:6 (teacher-student ratio), and 2) social skills enhancement group by professional facilitator specially designed for the children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other neurodevelopmental disorders 1:4 (teacher-student ratio)

  • BRICKS for Toddlers:3-5 years old, BRICKS for Kids: 5 - 7 years old, BRICKS for Young Age: 8 - 10 years old


Children interact with friends in the BRICK Club

How to become a BRICK Club member?

  • The annual fee of Basic Membership is HK $150


Members will enjoy:

  • A free trail session

  • An assessment report of child’s social skills

  • Member’s privileges


BRICK Club Location and Time

  • Room 303, Pan Asia Centre, 137 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  • 3:00-4:15pm (75-min per session), Saturday and Sunday

How do we work together with parents?

just in case.jpg

Progress report on the child’s social and communication skills will be provided regularly.

BRICK Club Gifts and Certificates

Children who demonstrated positive social behaviour in the  BRICK Club would be awarded with BRICKS point. As such, they can be encouraged by exchanging BRICKS points for their wanted gifts! BRICK Club gives out certifications of the 5 levels involved that enables parents to see how your child becomes a social leaders.

BRICK Club Participation Notes:

  • Parents do not need to enter the BRICKS Room, but please pick your child up on time.

  • yNOTplay reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes

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