Professional Recognised Training

Successfully completion of the course you will be awarded the " Certificate of Achievement - LEGO®-Based Therapy Facilitator Training Course" issued by Dr. Gina, Founder & Director, Bricks for Autism C.I.C. and the course is endorsed by Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre.

Course Content


Basic course (5 hours)

  • Introduction of LEGO®-Based Therapy

  • How to implement and execute LEGO®-Based Therapy

  • How to encourage “Freestyle Building” to provoke team communication

  • How to handle arguments in a group

  • Required materials, tools and additional information




 Advanced course (10 hours)

  • Common communication difficulties of Autistic Spectrum children and children with social communication disorder

  • LEGO®-Based Therapy as a professional intervention

  • Understanding the theory of Empathizing and Systemizing in child development

  • Role of adult facilitator, handling disputes and intervention

  • How to handle disputes and difficulties with SEN children

  • Assessing children's social communication skills and group progress

  • Research, case sharing and discussion



Professional practicum and supervision (5 hours)

  • Provide a platform for the LEGO®-Based Therapy practicum

  • Supervision and assessment

  • Review and verify relevant documents and upload your name into the facilitator's directory of yNOTplay's platform


Speakers:LEGO®-Based Therapy Licensed Trainers (Hong Kong Team)




Course endorsed by Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre

yNOTplay is an International Broad of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards "IBCCES" Certified CE Provider. The recognised training hours of the LEGO®-Based Therapy have been successfully approved as part of the continuing  education  accreditation for the IBCCES Certified Specialist / Autism Certificate.

Relevant or futher information can be found on the IBCCES website:

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