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Feedbacks from Parents

Jaime's Mother (6-year-old girl)

Teachers and I noticed Jaime’s differences between now and 6 months ago: she becomes more initiative, creative and increase in verbal expressions. Jaime also showed her potential in leadership from proposing different solutions when encountering difficulties in groups.

Check Lam's Father (6.5-year-old boy)

Check Lam is an active athlete in fencing. 6 months ago, he expressed his emotions negatively in fencing competitions, he was being named as the “youngest athlete with yellow-card warning”.  Now I see that he has become much less impulsive and learnt to vent his emotions in more positive ways.  “Yellow-card” has long been staying from a distance.

Jayden's Mother (6-year-old boy)

After attending MBC, he learned that he was controlled by his emotions whenever he was upset. He learnt to express his emotions in positive behaviours and became much more helpful in taking care of his younger brother.  In the relationships with his friends, he learnt to reject appropriately to some of their requests and became happier in learning in the society.

Jinny's Mother (7-year-old girl)

Friends at school & our family noticed improvements on emotions and social skills in Jinny.  I learnt to provide choices to my children and continue with different interventions in play and social trainings after attending LEGO®-Based Therapy.  Jinny now would often discuss the available choices with me and she does not harm her younger brother anymore although she still feels jealous at times.  She now expresses her love to her brother by saying “I love him.”

Lok Lok's Mother (7-year-old boy)

Lok Lok became more focus in group performance.  He is more willing to integrate himself in group activities and to greet others with a smile as well as developing his high interest in building blocks.

Mei Sze's Mother (8-year-old girl)

She still remembers the roles and duties when playing with other team members in the group and how to implement sportsmanship.

Yak Kiu's Mother (8-year-old girl)

After attended MBC, she continues with her usual extracurricular activities. I noticed some improvements in focusing and endurance from her participation in the groups.  She stopped yelling unlike before, yet she sometimes would still cause troubles in school.

Chun Hei's Mother (7-year-old boy)

After attended MBC, we continue with his training. Now he is able to organize and describe an event or a picture in structural sentences. He is willing to share his bricks with me whereas he would not let me touch them before.

Yuk Kwan's Mother (7-year-old boy)

After attended MBC, mother continues to use the tools at home that the facilitator provided to help him.  I saw improvement in focus as well.

Anson’s Mother (8-year-old boy)

Thank you for Sze Long’s exciting & creative game. Thank you for Ms. Fiona and other yNOTplay’s tutors’ encouragement and support to Anson. Anson always feels relax & happy after every class, which brings us to believe Magic Brick is MAGICAL!

Hayden's Parents (4-year-old boy)

After joining y not play, his improvement at home is significant. He looks more focus and started to help in sorting different toys !

Jayden's Parents (9-year-old boy)

Thank you so much to all tutors ! Under your patience & guidance, I can see Jayden’s improvement. Your professional work made us feel loved !

"The best kind of therapy is when it's so much fun that the child doesn't know it's happening.”


by Lynn Koegel, PhD, Clinical Director, Koegel Autism Center, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

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