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About Play Included Brick-By-Brick® Programme

LEGO®-brick based therapy targets Autistic Spectrum Disorder children or children with social communication difficulties ......




In 2018, in cooperation with Dr. Andrew Low Yiu Tsang at City University of Hong Kong, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences ......


Participant's Feedback

Teachers and I noticed the differences between now and 6 months ago: she becomes more initiative, creative and increase ......


Social Bricks Club for Children

yNOTplay established Magic BRICKS Club in 2018 with its Recognised LEGO®-brick based therapy Facilitators model ......

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Recognised Facilitators Lookup

The following Licensed Trainers/ Recognised Facilitators completed the professional training recognised by Bricks for Autism C.I.C. and endorsed by Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre ......


Professional Recognised Training

Play Included Brick-By-Brick® Programme Face to Face Facilitator Course.   Licensed Trainers will discuss and share different brick-based approaches with you in Hong Kong ! (Brick-By-Brick® Program formerly known as Lego®-Based Therapy)


Charity and Collaboration

yNOTplay Play Therapy Social Enterprise launched its major project of the “Magic BRICKS Club”, “Magic BRICKS Club Social Program ......

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